Cutouts, Popouts and more!

img To determine pricing, start with the "standard" prices below, based on picture size. (it doesn't matter how many people or animals are in the photo!) Then add any "extras" you desire, if any, and shipping costs and sales tax, if applicable. The order form or shopping cart at the Order page will help you in calculating cost.

Please note: A photo is needed for each sculpture ordered. If you plan to upload/send/transfer your image/photo over the internet, then we will need to print your photo(s) and you should order "photo printing". RE: If you want 3-5x7 cutouts, you should order 3-5x7 photos.

Subject only-background removed.

from 4x5/4x6 photo $21.95 each sculpture (single photo)

from 5x7 photo $26.95 each sculpture (single photo)

from 8x10/8x12 photo$31.95 each sculpture (single photo)

from 11x14 photo $45.95 each sculpture (single photo)

Background remains-subject comes forward 1/4".
  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

from 4x5/4x6 photo $32.95 each sculpture

from 5x7 photo $37.95 each sculpture

from 8x10/8x12 photo$47.95 each sculpture

from 11x14 photo $65.95 each sculpture


from 3x4, 3.5x5 or 4x6 photo. $10.00 each.

All inclusive. Includes cutout, hearts background, graphics,
  faux flowers & ribbon. Allow 4-6 weeks.

with 1 heart background    $35.00 each

with 2 hearts background   $40.00 each

with 5 hearts background    $45.00 each

imgAbove prices do not include photo printing, shipping &

handling or sales tax. A photo is needed for each item
ordered. Two exact photos of same image suggested
for "popouts", though not required. You can provide
"hard copy" photos or we can print for you. Printing charge applies.


imgAdditional cut-out (4x6 or 5x7) on same base...$12 each.
(largest photo at full price above.)

imgPhoto printing...$3 each 3x4-4x6...$4 each 5x7...$5 each 8x10.
Professional quality.

imgCustom message or graphics...$7 each piece.
Six words, or less, recommended.

imgAnniversary Package...$20.00 additional
Includes base, graphics, silver on black or white acrylic or gold on black or white acrylic color theme.
Cutout(s) ordered separately. Allow 4-6 weeks to complete.

(Automatically added at shopping cart check-out)

imgIndiana residents add 7% sales tax.

imgAdd shipping & handling based on total cost of items purchased...

up to $24.99.........$6.00 $25.00--$49.99.....$7.50 $50.00--$74.99.....$8.50 $75.00--$99.99.....$10.50 $100 and up..........$15.50
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Cut out or Pop out?
Is the background of your photo unique, interesting or helps to tell a story about the subject?
If so, you may want to consider ordering a "pop out" (includes background).
If not, a "cut out" (background removed) is probably the best format for your photo sculpture.

img How will you provide the image? You can send, via regular mail, "hard copy" photos or you can send images via e-mail and we can print the photos for you. A print is needed for each sculpture/item ordered. Photos by professional photographers or your snapshots are welcome. If you go the "hard copy" route, the actual photo is used in the process so don't send "one of a kind" valuable pictures. Provide a copy. Remember, since the actual "hard copy" photo that you send will be used in making the sculpture, the size of the subject in the photo will be the size of the finished cutout. Fun Fotos can make a copy for you which would involve a printing charge. Part of our printing process includes cropping out unneccesary background and sizing the subject for the size of sculpture ordered. (this will actually make your sculpture larger) "Order" photo(s) and include cost of printing

Digital or scanned images may be sent to Fun Fotos via e-mail at at a minimum of 200 dpi (up to 5x7) or 300 dpi (larger than 5x7). Send digital photos directly from camera to avoid e-mail size restrictions.We will size your photo as close as possible to the sculpture size you order while maintaining original aspect ratio (width to height) to prevent distortion. Save photo file as .jpg (JPEG) file before sending to reduce transmission time. Please read more about using scanned or digital pictures at our faq page.

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img Please allow Fun Fotos creative discretion in how best the photo should be sculpted and on what color of acrylic. This may include cropping the picture. Thank you!

img Allow 2-4 weeks delivery. Most standard sculptures (no extras) are completed and shipped within 10 days-2 weeks. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail, 2-3 day delivery, with tracking & insurance.

photo cutouts with graphics

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Thanks so much for your exemplary customer service.
You have given us the most wonderful memory."
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