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Photo Sculptures-cutouts, popouts & more!

Cut Outs: Background is removed. Subject is contoured cut and stands alone on a base, unless you add extras. Made with durable 1/4" acrylic. Sizes 3x4 to 8x10. More details: "photo cutouts". cat & dog photo cutout
sports photo sculpture-popout Pop Outs: The entire photo, including the background, remains and the main subject protrudes forward 1/4" giving the display a 3-D effect. With a pop out on display, you'll hear "wow"! More details: "Pop outs".
Wedding photo sculptures: Variety of designs and prices to choose from in the "Dearly Beloved" wedding line. Includes photo cutout with detailed heart background and decorations. Use as a cake topper, table decoration or gift. A Fun Fotos Exclusive! More details: "Weddings". wedding photo sculpture-cake topper or decoration
anniversary photo sculpture Anniversary sculptures: Includes one or two cut-outs, special graphics and decorated base. Gold/black or sliver/black themes for monumental anniversaries. The gold is real 18 karat! Anniversary photo sculptures can be used as a cake topper, table decoration or simply as a special gift.
Magnets, ornaments, key-rings & pins: Created with 1/8" acrylic for better performance. Order in a contour cut or in basic or holiday shapes. Choose from 3 sizes. Only $10.00 each! photo sculptures key ring, ornament, pin & magnet
table top acrylic popout with graphics Graphics: Add a message, symbol or logo. An add-on feature which can note a name, special event, date, award etc. Placed on the base as a separate piece, six or fewer words recommended. When 1-2 words are used, the word(s) are larger and contoured cut, as seen here. With 3 or more words, a plate with laminated graphics/message is used.
diamond Multiple items on same base: Your photo sculpture can include more than one piece on a base. Combination of cutouts and popout or two or more cutouts on the same base and save. tabletop photo sculpture

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