~Frequently Asked Questions~

  • 1. Are photo sculptures really 3-D or is it an optical illusion?

    They are really 3-dimensional. You can FEEL the 3-D! A cutout is 1/4-inch thick giving it dimension. With a popout photo sculpture the subject that "pops-out" protrudes from the background 1/4 inch. That's why when people see the statuettes for the first time they usually do a double-take and want to feel it to see if what they think they are seeing is actually real. It is!

  • 2. I'm confused with terms that are used like "cut out" and "pop out".

    Some companies refer to only "cut outs" as photo sculptures. In actuality, both "cut outs" and "pop outs" are in the photo sculpture family. The appearance and format is descriptive with the terms "cut out" and "pop out". With "cut outs" the background is removed and only the subject remains. With "pop outs" the subject protrudes from the background. Therefore, completed "cut outs" have contour edging while "pop outs" have a square or rectangle appearance as the photo's edge remains. Which format should you order? It depends on what is shown in the background. Our suggestions: If the background is interesting, unique or helps to tell a story about the subject(s) then the photo is a good candidate for a "pop out". If not, then eliminate the distraction of a background and order a "cut out".

  • 3. If I order today how long before I receive the sculpture?

    It depends on the size of your order and the complexity. Turnaround time for standard sculptures (no extras) is usually 10 days or less to 2 weeks (seasonal). To assure delivery by a specific date, please allow 2-4 weeks.

  • 4. Does it affect the cost if several people are shown in a photo that I want made into a sculpture? Does it cost more for a photo which shows a group of 5 people?

    No. Our prices are based on photo size NOT what is shown in the photo. The number of people or animals shown in the photo does not affect cost.

  • 5. What are the sculptures made of?

    The base and back of cutouts and popouts are made with durable 1/4 inch acrylic. Smaller and portable pieces such as magnets, key rings, pins and ornaments are created with 1/8" acrylic. The edges are completed with a smooth finish.

  • 6. Do your sculptures have a clear piece of acrylic on the surface as I have seen on some sculptures in the past?

    No. There are very few, if any, creators who sandwich the photo between acrylic, the top surface being clear. That procedure was found to be problematic and not cost effective. The top clear acrylic gave the false impression to some consumers that the photo was protected, when actually it could cause damage. Questions of durability should be focused towards the quality of photos and printing. The photos that we print are water, scratch and fingerprint resistant.

  • 7. Can you give me details about your "100% satisfaction guaranteed" policy?

    If you are not pleased with your photo sculpture you may return it, in it's original condition, for a re-do or refund (minus return ship cost) within 30 days of delivery.

  • 8. If I send you a picture to be made into a sculpture, how do I know it will look as good as the ones shown here?

    If we receive a photo to sculpt that would not look good as a sculpture, we will consult with you before proceeding. In general, the ideal photo is one where the subject is close and in focus. All limbs of the person or animal are shown.The subject is not obstructed by another object. The subject, that is going to be "cutout", should not be at the edge or off the edge of the photo or border. Avoid photos which include objects that photograph "thin" such as golf clubs, ski poles, ribbon, flower stems etc. The size of the subject in the photo will decide how large the statue will be. Whether the photo was shot vertically or horizontally can affect the size of your finished sculpture. For helpful tips in improving your photography skills, you may find the information at the following link helpful...Quick Guide to Taking Better Photos. You may also find the information about the photo sculpturing process here beneficial.

  • 9. Are there objects in the photo that can't be included in the sculpture? Are their photos that I should avoid providing for a sculpture?

    Yes. Photos that show thin or narrow objects can be problematic. Thin objects such as golf clubs, ski poles, ribbon, or flower stems can become very fragile during and after cutting. Depending on the size of the photo, these objects can become so thin that it would be impossible to cut them without breakage occurring during our process, shipping or while on display. Some of these thin items, such as shoe laces or strands of hair, are not a major part of the image and can be eliminated all together. In extreme cases, we will recommend not proceeding with photos that can not be cut without jeopardizing the stability or appearance. Many thin objects can be photographed in a way to where they do not stand alone and therefore do not have to be cut themselves. For instance, pictures of golfers with clubs should be taken with the clubs directly in front of a leg. The club will be included in the photo but will not have to be cut out. Transparent and/or reflective items such as windows and water shown in photos can also raise issues with cutting and the final appearance.

  • 10. Do you accept digital or scanned photos via e-mail?

    For best results and longlasting color and quality of your photo sculpture, we highly recommend the use of prints which have been produced in a professional lab (darkroom & water baths). Some retail outlets print lab quality photos and some do not. However, if it is more convenient for you to send a scanned or digital picture via e-mail we do accept and can print them. Send to sales@funfotos.com at a minimum of 200 dpi (up to 5x7) or 300 dpi (larger than 5x7). To reduce transmission time save the photo file as a .jpg (JPEG) file before sending. Send digital photos directly from camera to avoid e-mail size restrictions. Image resolution should be as follows...

    For a 4x6" print, image resolution should be 768 x 512 pixels minimum

    For a 5x7" print, image resolution should be 1024 x 768 pixels minimum

    For an 8x10" print, image resolution should be 1536 x 1024 pixels minimum

    When printing, we will crop the photo to get it as close to the size of sculpture you have ordered. However, size will probably not be exact since we will sustain the original aspect ratio (width to height) to prevent distortion. In addition, images from digital cameras are more square than rectangle as with traditional photo sizes. Depending on layout or design of image, your photo/cutout may not stand at the height (RE: 6", 7" or 10") of traditional formatted photos. However, the total image size will be the same in "square inches" as the size ordered. Computer generated prints are sprayed with an invisible protective sealant. The cost for each "professional quality " print is...

    3x4-4x6 (12"sq. to 24" sq.)--$3.00

    5x7 (35" sq.)--$4.00

    8x10 (80" sq.)--$5.00

    Due to variations in monitor displays, screen resolutions, e-mail size restrictions and transfer capabilities, the photo we print here will not look identical to your original in size or color. That is one of the reasons we recommend sending us a photo that has been printed in a lab. For the greatest customer satisfaction, we know you'll be pleased with your photo sculpture if the picture you have seen as a print and approved is sent to us and used in creating your sculpture.

  • 11. Does it make any difference what kind of photo is used...lab printed vs computer generated?

    Yes. Computer printed photos are printed with the image on the surface of the paper instead of imbedding the image in the emulsion of the paper, as is done in lab printing. Therefore, most photos that are printed by computer, including "do-it-yourself quick prints" available in retail outlets, will probably fade and/or the ink will become discolored within a few years. Nothing protects photos from environmental damage 100%. However, in general, most computer generated prints are not as durable as lab prints either. Since the image is at the surface on computer prints, the image is at a high risk for scratching, fingerprints, fading and moisture damage.

    As to our computer printing procedures...for the best in photo appearance and quality we use the highest quality photo paper, inks and printer. Our photos are resistant to fingerprint, moisture, scratch and UV (fading) damage and are a "soft gloss" in appearance.

    If you are going to send a "hard copy" photo to us, the most durable photos are those that are lab printed. If a computer print is your choice, either printed by you or a retail outlet, the quality, longeviity and durability of the photos will probably be an issue in the future. If this is not a concern of yours, and convenience is a top priority, send us the photo. For customer satisfaction and the highest quality in computer generated prints, it would be best if Fun Fotos printed the photo for you. In summary...

    Option  Sending us lab prints* We print images Send computer copies
    Result ideal good not recommended
    Longevity  good good poor
    Durability  good good poor

    *Not all photographers or retail outlets use a photo printing process that is considered "lab quality". Since technology and processes are everchanging, we can not keep up with each individual retail process. You should inquire about durability and longevity at your photo processor.

  • 12. Can you make a copy of a photo, use the copy to make the sculpture and return the original picture?

    Yes, we can make a copy and return your original photo. On the order form at "Special Instructions", note that you want a copy made and the original returned. Include the cost of a print according to the size that you want. All of the photos that we print are moisture, scratch and fingerprint resistant. If you don't want to use an original (and perhaps only) picture that was produced by a professional photographer, you can also arrange with the photographer for him/her to make you a copy.

  • 13. I have a 5x7 photo of my children and I want to send you a printed photo to make a cutout. When completed as a cutout, how tall will my children stand?

    When you send us a "hard copy" printed photo we use that actual photo in the making of your sculpture, unless you note that you want us to make a copy. So, however tall and wide the children, or any subject, is in the photo is how they will look in the final cutout. You can measure with a ruler or tape measurer the actual image and get an idea of the size of the final product. It is not uncommon for customers to send us a photo in which the subject is quite small because the photo was taken several feet away from the subject. Remember, the final cutout size will be the size of the image, not the size of the photo. With pop-outs the entire photo is used...the background is not eliminated. So, if you send us a 4x6 photo the finished pop-out will be around 4x6 and the subject(s) of the photo will remain the original size. If you have a photo where the subjects are small we can enlarge the subjects and make a cutout from the enlarged photo, making them much larger. However this requires scanning your original photo, cropping/removing unnecessary background, re-sizing the subjects and printing a new photo. So, photo printing should be included in your order. When ordering photo printing online with digital images we size the subjects, not the entire image, for the square inches or height of the size ordered...making your cutout larger.

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