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is your source for super customized photo sculpture trophies & awards. We can place each individual athlete on a base as a photo cut out and/or the whole team. Or, combine a cutout with a popout for a one-of-a-kind photo sculpture trophy. Add graphics that note the team or school name, season record, championship, or tourney.

Created with 1/4" durable acrylic, these photo sculpture trophies will last for years to come. A great way to record not only the event or sport but also the athlete's appearance while competing. A photo sculpture award is NOT the average trophy. It's extraordinary!

And they're 3-dimensional! How cool is that?! Variety of sizes and options available. Special team rates apply.

Photo cut out trophies can be used to say "thanks" or "good job" in non-sports related fields too. Use for band, 4-H, club and organization awards of achievement and appreciation.

swimmer-photo cutout

"Triumph is just try with a little umph added." -unknown-

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explanation"I'm so thrilled! Oh my gosh!
The cutouts are wonderful...beautifully done. Thank you,
very, very much. You do excellent work."

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