While a June 6, 1894 Richmond newspaper is not known to exist, these articles published later make reference to previous reports and to the "first exhibition of a motion picture" in the world or reports written at the time of Jenkins' projection of a motion picture. Accounts of the event refer to "newspaper men" being in the audience, among them was Demas Coe, a "cub reporter on a local newspaper". It has also been reported that accounts of "the first 'movie show' ever presented" were published in The New York Herald Tribune, The Literary Digest and The Indianapolis News

*Evening Star (Washington D.C.)
November 15, 1894
Richmond Evening Item
November 29, 1898
Richmond Palladium & Sun-Telegram
May 10, 1921
Richmond Palladium & Sun-Telegram
June 6, 1934
*Image provided by Library of Congress, Washington, DC. Other articles courtesy of the archives of Morrison-Reeves Library, Richmond Indiana.
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