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The "Dearly Beloved" wedding line of photo sculptures is specially designed to be used as personalized caketoppers or decorations. Exclusive to Fun Fotos' creators!

These wedding photo sculptures not only include a photo cut-out of the bride or couple, but also elegant enhancements and graphics befitting the cake's top spot.

There's a variety of designs to choose from. All include an oval or rectangular base with your choice of durable white or "crystal looking" transparent acrylic. May include graphics which feature the couple's names and/or wedding date. May include traditional flowers, ribbon etc or leave plain and you can add your own touches, in your colors, later.

We'll work with you to design the cake-topper that reflects your imagination. These photos are only samples of general designs. Your favorite picture of the couple can be used. They don't have to be in formal attire, as shown here. Great for anniversary parties too! Base will be sized to fit your cake top.

Reasonably priced and much more personal and unique than what you, and every other bride, find at the bridal stores. Best yet...the bride & groom retain the photo statue as a wonderful and cherished memoir.

"5 Hearts" is approximately 10"x8" and includes a 5x7 or 4x5 photo. Bride & Groom's names can be added in designated spot in rear or the spot can be removed, opening the top heart. In white or crystal transparent. $45 custom wedding photo sculpture-5 hearts
Wedding Caketoppers-2 hearts "2 Hearts" is approximately "7"x5". Can be created in white or transparent acrylic. Includes 4x5 or 5x7 photo figure. Can be personalized with couple's names/wedding date on lower heart. $40.
"1 Heart" is approximately 7"x5". Your choice of white or transparent acrylic heart and base. Includes 4x5 or 5x7 photo statue. May include graphics. $35 cake-toppers-1 heart
caketoppers-cut-out with graphics Of course any photo can be transformed into even a standard (no extras) photo sculpture. A simple "cut-out" or "pop-out" make wonderful gifts and table decorations. Shown here is a standard cut-out with graphics. Simple in design, but elegant. The bride & groom loved it. Now this is a personalized gift!

"I just wanted to say the latest cut-outs you did
for me were fantastic! So pleased. Thank you so much!"

C. Weeks
Rensselaer, NY

                           standard cutout-caketopper                 

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